Our Amazing People

Seriously, we have some of the most talented people working with us!  They are incredibly gifted individuals who just want to help and would love to help you out too.  The greatest asset any business can have is its valued staff.  Our team is based in the Brisbane, Logan and Redlands regions of Queensland, so if you need help with any of the services listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Business Analysis / Auditing / Bookkeeping

Our mathematician has a Diploma in Accounting and several years of experience with Reckon Accounts / QuickBooks, MYOB, NetSuite and Xero.  He’s also qualified in IT, so there is no accounting package that he can’t master in very little time.  To top things off, he’s a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) which really helps us out with our paperwork.  Very much a business-minded professional, he has an innate ability to cut costs and expenses, increase gross and net profits, all without sacrificing a single iota of service quality (or staff)!

Computer Repair and Maintenance

Our IT guru has over 20 years of experience dealing with technology.  One main point-of-difference with our tech guy is that we actually understand what he says!  He has an amazing ability to communicate the most technical of explanations in plain English so that communication is absolutely clear at all times.  He says a computer is just like any car, if we don’t service it regularly, things will eventually end badly.  Actually, he says a lot of wise things that we should probably pay heed to.  Fortunately for us, he forgives us for missing these ‘regular services’ and fixes our systems anyway.


Somewhat difficult to explain but…  Basically, it’s the ‘switch-enabling’ of a device so that people with disabilities can access various items with a button or a switch.  We can switch-adapt computer mice, trackballs, joysticks and even some toys!  Any toy that is fairly simple to operate and uses either AA, AAA or C sized batteries can be switch-adapted.  We will be listing some of the more popular items as ready-to-buy options on our site very soon.  If you have something in mind that your child might absolutely adore but may not be able to use the toy easily, we can try our best to help, please contact us.